Why Mushrooms?

Fungi and humans have been friends for centuries. As we evolved, our bodies have come to respond to certain fungi in miraculous ways. Now more than ever, we need their help returning to homeostasis.

Harvested in the US

We craft our remedies with fresh, organic mushrooms grown or wild crafted in the U.S. Organic farming is essential. Contaminants that creep their way onto the mushrooms or their substrate (what mushrooms grow on) can become more concentrated–and therefore more toxic–when distilled into an extract. Our third-party testing ensures our remedies are clean on any contaminants.

Care & Precision

We’re loving this Mushroom Renaissance we’re living through, but without proper standards, we see a lot of snake oils on the market that aren’t actually healing people. That’s why we set out to create mushroom remedies that produce real, measurable benefits. We want to show people just how powerful mushrooms can be–if you grow and extract with care and precision.

Potency you can feel

Extracts have more therapeutic potential when they contain a full-spectrum of a mushroom’s active compounds–not just beta-glucans. We use an abundance of mushrooms and soxhlet extraction to create potent remedies you can feel.


We use a proprietary method to split all active compounds into smaller particles, making them easier for your body to absorb and put to use! This creates faster and more effective results.

Third-Party Tested

We put our products through third-party testing to show you the precise concentrations of active compounds, like beta-glucans and cordycepin. Testing also ensures our tinctures are free of pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.