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We all know that mushrooms are good for you,

but what quality and dose do you need to feel the benefits?

Mushroom lovers are saying...

Don’t buy the hype, buy the magic. I swapped out my previous mushroom supplements and tried their tinctures, starting with lions mane and cordyceps - the effects were noticeably stronger. They’re products are ethically made, for wellness, not for profit.

Omar N.

Lion's Mane tincture, Cordyceps tincture

One of the best products to receive all of the benefits from these incredible fungi packed into yummy, easily measurable squares.

David. M

Cordyceps Chocolate

Each member of our team each has their favorite tinctures but I personally take the Synergy daily and have found improvement with my energy levels and overall well-being since taking this product.

Seed to Stem (MA)

Wholesale Partner

The cordyceps tincture has been soo helpful to start my day with- either adding it to a shake or juice. I struggle with symptoms of ADHD and they help me stay focused and motivated without using prescription meds.

Shannon M.

Cordyceps tincture

This is without a doubt the most effective Cordyceps tincture I’ve ever tried. Potent and the flavor isn’t overly strong. Highly recommend for improved stamina and lung performance.

Jens H.

Cordyceps tincture

These products have been a great addition to my daily routine! They have increased my mood and helped me with productivity. Not only do I notice the difference, but the chocolates taste amazing!

David K.

Cordyceps chocolate

The cordyceps tinctures help to open up my airways very quickly on exercise days or when feeling congested. Great products to have on-hand.


Cordyceps tincture

I really enjoyed the Cordyceps concentrate chocolate bar. The effects I noticed the most were increased stamina (both physical & mental), increased lung function, less tension in my muscles & body, and brought a nice balancing & sustained energy all throughout my day.

T. Gnome

Cordyceps chocolate

The quality is unmatched compared to other functional mushroom tinctures out there. I recommend them not only to my family and friends but also to my patients (I work as a physician assistant).

Kaley G.


Made from wildcrafted reishi, this extract is quite strong & effectively delivers all of the mental & physical benefits the reishi mushroom has to offer.

Mike M.

Cordyceps Chocolate, Reishi tincture

Made with fresh, organic, fruiting body mushrooms


Many extracts you see on the market are made with mushrooms that have been shipped overseas and stored in warehouses for who knows how long. Not us! Fruiting Bodies are harvested, extracted, bottled and delivered within a few months.


We make our products with only organic mushrooms grown or wild-crafted in the U.S. This is critical for tinctures because any contaminants that creep their way into the substrate (what mushrooms grow on) or onto the mushrooms will become more concentrated–and therefore more toxic–when distilled into an extract.

Fruiting body

By using 100% fruiting bodies¹ that are allowed to fully mature, we ensure all medicinal properties are potent, active and able to be extracted. This also ensures our tinctures are gluten-free.

Unless the mycelium² has consumed all grain substrate, mycelium-based extracts end up with high starchy residue that dilutes medicinal content.

1. Fruiting bodies refer to a mushroom’s cap and stem.

2. Mycelium refers to the web of fibers that produce the fruiting body.

Us Vs Them

A new standard in extracts

Potency you can feel

Extracts have more therapeutic potential when they contain a full-spectrum of a mushroom’s active compounds–not just beta-glucans. We use an abundance of mushrooms and soxhlet extraction to create potent remedies you can feel.


We use a proprietary method to split bioactive compounds into smaller particles, making them easier for your body to absorb and put to use! This creates faster and more effective results.


We put our products through third-party testing to show you the precise concentrations of bioactive compounds, like beta-glucans and cordycepin. Testing also ensures our tinctures are free of pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.